2 Step Gel Polish

Color & base coat gel 2in1

No base, NO primer/bond needed!

  • Step 1. Color gel
  • Step 2. Top coat on nail
  • Quick dry under lamp
  • Easy soak off in 5 minutes

Long lasting gel with a high shine up to 14 - 21 days

  • Quick dry, only 30-60 seconds under LED lamp or 1-2 minutes in UV lamp
  • No base coat, No primer, No top coat needed
  • 2 coats of the 1step gel color & your good to go!
  • Cure to dry, only 30-60 seconds per coat
  • Durable on nail up to 14 days with keep high shine
  • 500 colors to choose from
  • No shrinkage, No wrinkles, Easy to apply
  • Quick soak off within 5 minutes by acetone or remover
  • Solvent Free, BPA Free, No (DBP), No Toluene, No Formaldehyde
  • Highly flexible and durable on nails
  • No odor, No harmful chemicals [Pure, Healthy & Safety]
  • All products have been chemically tested
  • No nicks, No chips, No damaged or broken nails!
  • We are the only franchise in the market that aims to keep nails nature &    healthy
  • We offer MSDS certificate, GMP, ISO, MEHQ reports, (more than 50 countries) registered
  • EASY ON EASY OFF, suitable for salons & perfect for home consumers